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ViroLabs, Inc. offers its custom gene synthesis service for $2.99 (US) a base pair. Turnaround time is dependent on sequence length. Progress report will be issued at different stages. Confidentiality will be assured through a non-disclosure agreement (if necessary).

ViroLabs, Inc. offers very competitive prices without reducing the quality of our service.

ViroLabs, Inc. cloning of your gene into the vector of your choice

ViroLabs, Inc. offers the production of antisera by genetic immunization of mice, rats, rabbits and chicken.

ViroLabs, Inc.'s recombinant Protein Expression Service is a complete solution for your needs, helping your organization to deal with the protein bottleneck.

ViroLabs, Inc. has many years of experience in the development, validation and manufacture of bioconjugates.

ViroLabs, Inc. can develop your ELISA assay using polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies supplied by you or use the antibodies we develop here at ViroLabs.


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