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ViroLabs, Inc. provides a series of purified recombinant antigens for infectious disease research. SARS-Cov, HIV, HTLV and Hepatitis viruses are our main areas. Most antigens are the surface antigens or capsid proteins from different viruses.

ViroLabs, Inc. provides a series of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) in purified form, HRP-conjugated, Biotin-conjugated and AP-conjugated form for various viral antigens. These highly specific mAbs are useful for ELISA, Western blot and histoimmunochemistry (or immunostaining).

ViroLabs offers a full spectrum of all the substrates for commonly used horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and alkaline phosphatase (AP) in most ELISA assays. Our scientists have developed one-component, ready-to-use substrates for all these immobilized enzymes and these high sensitivity, low background substrates have assisted numerous scientists in their assay development and routine ELISA assay performance.

To facilitate the assay development for scientists, Virolabs provides a full series of the ELISA reagents and buffers – all the necessary reagents for successfully running an ELISA assay. In addition to our ready-to-use, one component HRP and AP substrates, we offer the coating buffer, wash buffer and assay diluents in convenient 10X or 20X formulations.

High quality superparamagnetic beads for fractionation of proteins, peptides, DNA/RNA and other molecules.

ViroLabs, Inc. is committed to providing specifically designed staining kits.

ViroLabs, Inc. is committed to providing unique products and services of the highest possible quality for the morphological studies of the central nervous system.

ViroLabs, Inc. provides all kinds of Ready-to-Use Solutions for Tissue Preparations.

ViroLabs, Inc. provides "AAA" services

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