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Virolabs offers very competitive prices without reducing the quality of our service for gene synthesis. The price is started from $1.99 (US) a base pair depending on the length of the gene sequence. Turnaround time is dependent on sequence length. Progress report will be issued at different stages. Confidentiality will be assured through a non-disclosure agreement (if necessary).

The following are included:
Artificial gene synthesis;
Codon optimization (if necessary);
Insertion of gene into standard plasmid or customer-provided vector (fee applies);
DNA sequencing (double stranded if necessary) data with chromatogram;
The final product will be purified plasmid DNA.
A minimum length of 250bp is required. For synthesis of fragments less than 250bp, a fee applies.

For quotations please Email us your GENE SEQUENCES at:

We will contact you once we finalize the analysis of your genes.

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