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ViroLabs, Inc. has many years of experience in the development, validation and manufacture of bioconjugates. We would be happy to discuss all your conjugation issues.

Typical procedures include:

-enzyme-labelling of antibodies and other proteins
-enzyme-labelling of small molecules such as steroids and thyroid hormones
-biotinylation of proteins for use with avidin- or streptavidin-based binding reagents
-coupling of small molecules to carrier proteins such as albumin or gelatin

ViroLabs, Inc. also provides custom conjugation service for colloidal gold and latex conjugates. The quality of conjugate is a vital component for the successful development of lateral flow assay. Our conjugation service will explore the different preparation methods in oder to provide the best quality of conjugate based on custom requirements.

ViroLabs, Inc. design and synthesize antigen or half antigen for making immunogen and HRP conjugate.

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