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ViroLabs, Inc. is a specialized research lab and company in providing antigen and antibody preparations for infectious disease research. These antibodies and antigens cover many pathogens of the virology fields, including Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) corona virus or SARS-CoV, HIV, other pathogens related to sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis. The products from ViroLab mainly focus on the recombinant antigens or monoclonal antibodies for infectious diseases and the research diagnostic kits derived from these reagents. Viral antigens and antibodies of ViroLabs have been tested by scientists before they are listed in the catalog. Most antigens are non-infectious recombinant antigens and most antibodies are monoclonal antibodies. To facilitate research and assay developement ViroLab also provides immunochemical reagents, ready-to-use buffers for ELISA assays.





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